Adult Ministries

Women’s Ministries

The Women’s Ministries of The Salvation Army are organized to encourage spiritual growth, enhance Christian fellowship and promote the betterment of women, homes, communities, the nation and the world. This is accomplished through programs which

  • Bring women into a knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • Encourage their full potential in influencing family, friends and community
  • Equip them for growth in personal understanding and in life skills
  • Address issues which affect women and their families in their world.

Home League

The Home League is distinguished among Salvation Army Women’s Ministries by its international membership and organization. Founded in 1907, with the fourfold aim of worship, education, fellowship and service, it is one of the largest Christian women’s organizations in the world.


Scrapbooking is an exciting new addition to the Women’s Ministries program. It provides an opportunity for community women to share ideas, resources and Christian fellowship as they work to creatively preserve their photographs. A highlight of the scrapbooking program has been Camp-Crop-A-Lot, an entire weekend at Camp Tomahawk of scrabooking time, classes, games, workshops and Christian fellowship.

Men’s Fellowship Club

The Men’s Fellowship Club aims to provide men with the skills essential for a happy, wholesome, godly home life and a personal experience of salvation through Jesus Christ. Through sports, outings, and educational endeavors the program offers an opportunity for building friendships, participating in Christian fellowship and developing a spirit of camaraderie. Members are encourage to take in interest in their communities with club community service projects and through support of the humanitarian efforts of The Salvation Army and other community organizations.

Community Care Ministry

The Community Care Ministry Program is an expression of love in the best traditions of The Salvation Army’s service and it truly reflects the ideal of giving hearts to God and hands to man. Men, women and young people spend time making personal visits and conducting services to cheer lonely and sick people across the nation. Whether it be patients in hospitals (including Veterans Administration Medical Center), nursing homes and institutions, or others unable to care for themselves (shut-ins, disabled, blind), the Community Care Ministry volunteer provides warm, personal attention and often times the patients only link to the outside world.

During the Christmas Season, volunteers of the Community Care Ministry program deliver thousands of gifts to those who must spend their holidays confined to bed or far away from loved ones.

All Salvation Army programs and services are based on community needs and therefore may vary from location to location. For more information on specific programs including meetings times and activity schedules, please contact your local Salvation Army.