Emergency Services

Adult Rehabilitation Centers

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide spiritual, social, and emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves.

Fight Human Trafficking

The Salvation Army firmly believes that the abuse and exploitation of human beings through any form of human trafficking is an offense against humankind and against God. 

Missing Persons

The Salvation Army Missing Persons program is a unique international social service. Its purpose is to help facilitate successful reunions between family members who have lost contact with each other.

Social Services

The Salvation Army provides a wide range of traditional social services and emergency assistance programs. 

Shelter & Housing

Group homes, emergency shelters, and transitional living centers provide housing on a temporary basis for varying amounts of time.

Disaster Services

Since its first charter was enacted in the United States in 1899, The Salvation Army has provided emergency services to individuals and communities affected by disasters and other catastrophic events.